The no contact method | Dating mistakes women make

The no contact method | Dating mistakes women make.

A lot of women ask me about the no contact method, or going no contact on a guy in order to get him to change the way he treats them. This is often a mistake. Even in the cases where going no contact is appropriate, women often make the mistake of doing it wrong. The No contact rule. Does it really work and do guys give a crap?

The no contact rule does work if the guy actually gave a crap to begin with. Too many girls try the no contact method unwilling to accept the results or actually distance themselves. Other women never really insist on being treated better and take a guy back who hasn’t changed at all.

The two main ideas of the contact method are to one detoxify yourself from the relationship and life that you’ve built around it. It’s like finding yourself again. Separating yourself from your ex completely in hopes of Developing a new routine and higher self esteem. Learning how to live a single life with no dependency on a partner. During this time it’s recommended that you stay busy and live life to the fullest to really start the healing process.

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