r/AmITheA**hole For Telling My Sister To Stop Dating My Father?

r/AmITheA**hole OP is the product of her mother having an affair, which the mother kept secret from the family. As a result, OP grew up without her father in her life, but she did know the identity of her biological father. However, OP and her mom were the only people in the family who knew about the affair. One day, OP is shocked to learn that her older half-sister is dating a new guy… who turns out to be OP’s biological father! OP wants to warn her sister, but doing so would reveal the family secret about the affair!

🍑 r/AmITheA**hole For Firing My Spoiled Son After He Stole From My Company? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTf2z3utR7g

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