My Arms Are Fused Solid – What Will My Blind Date Think? | DATING DIFFERENT


RYAN, 26, from Haltom City, Texas was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita – a condition which halts the development of the joints in the arms and legs, leaving them ‘fused’. Ryan has faced some negativity due to his condition and told Truly: “I’ve been called things like ‘boomerang arms’ and other negative names but I try to make the best of my situation and I won’t let that stop me or hold me back from trying to find the right person.” Ryan has a son, River, from a previous relationship, who he describes as his best friend. Since the relationship ended, he has dated but no one has come along that has felt right since. Ryan would ultimately like to meet someone with traditional values who would like marriage and kids: “The whole nine yards.” When asked about today’s blind date, Ryan explained: “Hopefully she’ll like me for me, and you know, she won’t just write me off because I look different.”

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