asking my dad DATING QUESTIONS you’re too afraid to ask yours!

Need some help in the love department? Then this video is for YOU! Today I’m asking my dad dating and relationship questions you’re too afraid to ask yours! Let me know in the comments what advice was most helpful to you & your situation! Love you guys!

0:00 intro / meet my dad
0:22 How dad met mom…
1:10 Should I go on dates (even if I don’t like the person) just to get experience?
2:40 If a girl asks a guy out should she pay?
3:35 How do I know if a man is serious about a relationship?
3:55 Is my first kiss that important?
4:58 When is it okay to have a boyfriend?
5:52 Why are guys afraid to ask girls on dates?
7:15 When does liking someone turn into love?
7:40 How do I find “THE ONE”?
9:28 How much do you trust Riley’s dating choices?
12:25 How can I be more confident around guys?
12:56 Should I wait till marriage?
14:18 What if my boy/girlfriend doesn’t want to wait till marriage?
15:28 Is right person / wrong timing real?
16:10 Relationship red flags…
16:46 Guys never stay interested in me…am I doing something wrong?
18:24 Do you like Riley’s guy friends?
19:00 What makes a guy want to be completely committed to someone?
22:15 How many dates should I go on before I kiss someone?
23:23 If a guy ignores me should I stop pursuing him?
24:53 Top things you looked for while dating?
27:56 How do I know if i’m ready for marriage?
29:20 Can dating boundaries change over time?
30:10 dating advice for your younger self…

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