80% Of My Body Is Burned, Will My Blind Date Care? | DATING DIFFERENT

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KENNY MATTHEWS from LA California, suffered third degree burns to over 80% of his body at the age of three in a fire at his home. Kenny is blessed to be alive and told Truly: “Beauty doesn’t mean to have a pretty handsome face. If you have a consistent mind, a dope heart and a beautiful soul, that’s beautiful.” Kenny has learned to love his scars, and has taken to social media to inspire others to accept their differences too. Kenny has over 1.5Million followers on TikTok, where he shares funny videos and personal insights. Having never been in a relationship, he has had mixed results on the dating scene. He told Truly: “I’m focusing on being happy with myself first, and loving myself.” When it comes to what he’s looking for, Kenny says the most attractive quality a guy can have is confidence… Will his date have the swag he’s after?!

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