7 Types of Men TO AVOID Dating!

7 Types of Men TO AVOID Dating is a dating advice for women you definitely want to listen to. This video provides dating tips for women that will help women know the types of men to avoid dating.

Below are the seven red flags to look out for in the 7 types of men to avoid dating, which are addressed in the video and the specific time they are discussed in the video.

1. Mr. Broke and lazy 2:05
2. Mr. Go with the flow 6:10
3. Mr. Mama’s boy 9:16
4. Mr. Fake Christian 11:59
5. Mr. Married and Separated 15:13
6. Mr. Emotionally unavailable / Mr. Doesn’t know how to communicate 18:29
7. He doesn’t want a girlfriend but he acts like your boyfriend 21:07

Be sure to like and share this dating tips for women video. It’s worth it… Furthermore, don’t ignore the red flags, and be sure to avoid dating these types of guys mentioned in the video.

Now, remember, don’t just run at the first sight of a red flag. Address it, and if isn’t corrected, then proceed with avoiding these types of men.

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As a dating coach who provides dating advice for women and men, I want to make dating and relationships easier for you. I pray you find this video helpful, and that you will receive the man who is truly best for you. If you are asking any of the following questions:

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