265 Great questions to ask a guy for any occasion

No good conversation started with a boring question. The same goes for dating. If you think you can hit on that one girl/boy you’ve been meaning to talk with a good old “How’s it going?”, you won’t get very far. Sometimes, to strike a good conversation, you have to approach things with more creativity, which is why we decided to outline some of the best conversational questions to ask on all sorts of occasions.  Before we jump into the questions themselves, we’d like to set some ground rules and clarify a few things in advance as it will make things easier for both you and us. First of all, there’s no guarantee that these questions will hit home as it depends on the person. And secondly, no, you are a skilled talker, you just don’t realize that yet. Alright, now that we got this out of the way, on to the questions themselves.  Main questions  The first point on our list features the main questions. Some of you might be wondering, what are these main questions? Aren’t all of them are main? And the answer is no, not all. The main questions are the ones you ask when you just […]

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