20 Best Sex Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

People have been reading and listening to sexual advice shows for years. Since podcasts became popular, you no longer have to wait to listen to your favorite shows. It’s easy to load up and listen to a podcast, but there are hundreds out there that cover topics on sexuality.  So how do you know where to start with so many choices out there?  We cover the top twenty best podcasts about sex and relationships regardless of your preferences. From funny stories to useful sexual advice, these shows cover it all. So break out your headphones and get listening.  1. Dipsea Dipsea isn’t exactly a podcast, but a collection of steamy audio stories meant to get you in the mood. The erotic stories uploaded on Dipsea are relatable and empowering, allowing listeners to celebrate and explore healthy sexuality. You can browse stories based on your sexual preferences and interests or by situation depending on where you are and what you’re doing at the moment. 2. Savage Lovecast Dan Savage is a love and sexual advice columnist and author. He’s been around and giving sexual guidance since 1991, so you can rest assured you’ll hear good advice on his podcast. As a […]

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